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We help to obtain the digital identifiers and copyright confirmation; Confirm the ownership of the scientific entities; Generate and activate the the Digital Objective Indentifier (doi’s); Initiate the scientific, academic professional programs and events including conferences, symposium, seminars, workshops to facilitate the evaluation of new ideas and new research in an innovative, resourceful and creative setting. We are at the frontline of distribution of knowledge through enlightening, informative and high quality events. 

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Initiate Congresses, Exhibition, Symposia


Customiz, Update & Correct PKP-OJS


Soft services, Database & Informatics


Microbiology & Molecular Biology Research Group

Our prestigeious Microbiology & Molecular Biology Research Group conducting the research project and scientific studies of clinical microbiolog, chemical pathology, moleculare biology and advanced pharmacology.

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We Generate & Activate the Crossref's doi's

Advanced Multiple Inc is the sponsored organization of Crossref - Lynnfield, MA 01940, USA and facilitates the authors, publishers and businesses to generate and activate the Digital Objective Indentifier (doi’s). Crossref is the International DOI Foundation (IDF), a not-for-profit membership organization that is the governance and management body for the federation of Registration Agencies. So we provide Digital Object Identifier (DOI) services and registration on behalf of the registration authority for the ISO standard (ISO 26324) for the DOI system. The DOI system provides a technical and social infrastructure for the registration and use of persistent interoperable identifiers, called DOIs, for use on digital networks.

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We Support
Scientific Research Journals and Periodicals

The research journal and periodical contains scientific contents written by experts in a particular field of study. These articles report the results of advanced research in that particular area. The major types of Journals are included academic/scholarly journals; trade journals; current affairs/opinion magazines; popular magazines and newspapers.

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We Initiate
Scientific, Academic and Professional events

We initiate the scientific, academic and professional events. This is an excellent platform to connect, discuss and improve the knowledge to creating new industrial based ideas into actual practice. We have the team with accumulative years of experience that can use their knowledge to create a successful event.

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We Support
The Academic, Professional and Business Publisher

The Publishers create a wide variety of content for academics institutions, researchers and regular readers. Different tools, methods and techniques used to make the contents more readable, understandable and acceptable. The 7 Types of book publishing companies including Trade Book Publishers; Book Packagers and Book Developers; "Bargain" Book Publishers; Textbook Publishers and Academic Publishers; Professional Publishers; Self-Publishing Services and Hybrid Publisher. The newspaper and magazine publishers are Gannett, New Media/Gatehouse, and Condé Nast, as well as broadcast media companies such as Bloomberg, Fox News Network, and WarnerMedia. Most brand publishers, by contrast, approach their media strategies as a long term strategy.

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We Offer
OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEM of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP)

We help in installation and Configuration of Open Journal System (OJS). Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a multi-university initiative developing open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing.

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Transformation Through
Knowledge Professing and Information Management

Advanced Multiple Inc understands that the learners can thrive in digital classrooms that are engaging, learning-focused, and inclusive. Consortium eLearning have developed an innovative digital learning platform to offer a wide variety of online learning opportunities to participate in continuous collaborative learning.

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